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Meet Dia...

and learn how MCLW stepped in to save a filly!

Dia, a young filly from Virginia, was born with "Wry Nose", a congenital defect of the face that affects breathing and eating, and when severe, frequently requires euthanasia.  Due to Dia's facial asymmetry and malocclusion, she was unable to eat.  The team of doctors treating Dia reached out to MCLW to see if we could design an appliance that might help her.

Young Dia.jpg
CAD appliance.png

The appliance needed to produce asymmetrical forces on the maxilla, and it needed to be easily adjustable as any major procedures would have required general anesthesia.  Rather than a typical compression spring (think Forsus), a "pulling piston system" was designed that allowed different strength springs to be used to create the anterior forces needed.

Finished appliance2.jpg
Finished appliance1.jpg

Delivery day....


4 months later....


With the help of a great team, (and an appliance from MCLW) Dia's crossbite and deviation were corrected to the point where she is able to lead a happy and healthy life!

Old dia.jpg
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