MC1 - Direct Metal Printed RPE

Years of work have gone into making this appliance possible.  Simply Scan, send and seat.  You will never do another banded expander again!


At the patients scan appointment, make sure that you capture as much of the palatal anatomy as possible.  Incomplete anatomy will make it difficult to position the expander screw during fabrication.  Also check to make sure that there is no missing data on the buccal and distal surfaces of the teeth.  Unlike a banded expander, this appliance will be digitally fit directly to the scan.

After the scan, DO NOT place separators!!  Any movement of the teeth will affect the fit of the appliance.


Upload your scan to MCLW as you normally would.  Using your Labstar login, fill out a patient submission form for a "Printed RPE".  If you would like buccal tubes, you can choose those under "additional features".


Now for the fun part!  We recommend using a light cured adhesive like Band-Lok Ultra to cement the appliance in place.  We use a small amount of "L-pop" just on the lingual surfaces prior to bonding.  Avoid the interproximal areas to make clean-up easier.

Watch the video to see us cementing one of our first test appliances on Dr. Groth.