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Thermoformed appliances:

Using your digital scan, we can provide any number of appliances....just pick your plastic and pick your bundle.  Private label packaging is available at no additional charge. 

Popular bundles




Includes bracket removal

Includes resin printed model, digital bracket removal and 2 sets of thermoformed retainer




Includes resin printed model,  and 2 sets of thermoformed retainers




Includes resin printed model,   and 3 sets of thermoformed retainers

Essix ACE:  This is a very clear copolyester plastic available in many thicknesses ranging from .020 to .060.  This plastic tends to be more brittle which can affect its longevity for retainer usage and is therefore used primarily for aligners.  This plastic will accept material bonding.

Essix C+:  This is a semi-clear polypropylene plastic which is very durable.  It is suggested for retainers for bruxers but can also be used for aligners.

Essix Plus:  This is a clear, hybrid copolyester that has superior wear resistance and flexibility as compared to ACE.  Ideally this is used for retainers but can also be used for aligners.  This plastic will accept material bonding.

Zendura:  This is a clear polyurethane plastic which is used for aligners and retainers.  This has excellent wear and resilience properties but its price point is slightly higher than some of the other plastics.

Taglus:  This is a PETG plastic which has excellent wear properties as well as price point.  

Taglus Tuff:  This is the newest version of Taglus and, as the name implies, is a tougher version of the Taglus plastic.  This has become the "go to" plastic for most offices due to its wear properties as well as its price point.  It is only available at this time in .030 thickness and is versatile enough to be used for both aligners and retainers, including bruxers.  This is the MCLW preferred material.

Splint Biocryl:  This is a clear polyester plastic most often used for Phase I Theroux style appliances due to its thickness.

Kombiplast:  This is a dual layer plastic with an inner EVA layer and a hard PET outer layer, and is used primarily for bite splints.

Pick your plastic

Private labeling your retainers!

Only at MCLW can your retainers look like they came from your own in-house lab.  Upload your logo, pick your wording and let us do the rest!
Want the retainers sent directly to your patient?
                                       Just ask!
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