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Submitting a case:

A completed case submission consists of 2 parts:

Created at your computer and submitted through our Labstar portal.  This is where you will pick your appliance and give us specific instructions used for fabrication

Work Ticket

Created with your intra-oral scanner and submitted either directly via your scanners cloud portal or attached as an .stl with your Labstar submission.

Digital Scan
Convergent arrow_down2.png

Check the quality of the scan!

- Make sure teeth are clean from adhesive        and plaque

- For printed metal expanders make sure          the soft tissue palate is included in the scan

- Make sure the teeth to be included in the        appliance have all surfaces scanned!

large 300 logo w orange.jpg

Ready for fabrication!

For a demo on creating a new case in labstar click here

Getting what you want...

- Be VERY specific with your "Special            Instructions"!

- More information is better than less

- Pay close attention to the ship date when    the case is submitted

For a demo on evaluating scan quality click here

Existing clients with MCLW accounts can use this link to submit cases to the lab through our Labstar portal
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